It is amazing how much the beauty and grace of the Woman has touched us as a species. Her form and spirit has captured countless poets and artists, turned the powerful and toppled empires. Without question, Woman represents the more relevant half of our kind. In Her ideal state She bears every grace humans were inspired to have. Beautiful, powerful, life-giving and wise, She is a Goddess made flesh. Saharah Eve.
More understanding. The slave must be crushed until his nervous system is re-wired to obey the sound of Her voice before his own conscience. Wired to get a jolt at the snap of Her fingers. Conditioned reflexes. Instinctive slavishness. Instant obedience. This is Domination. Real. Tyrannical. Enchanting. This is the Domination that can only be Feminine. And with all the grace of its refined cruelty, this is Saharah Eve's dominance. Of course this is only one small facet of Saharah Eve. It would take a lifetime to describe this charming, heavenly beautiful, proud and powerful, brightly intelligent and very determined, Dominant Woman. Her ideas about Female Supremacy are very set and personal, and expressed with subtlety and cleverness. I doubt any of Her slaves ever complained about them, which proves how right She is, if need be. She is always haughty and graceful, refined and inventively elegant, adorably arrogant, deliciously seducing; and She can even be devastatingly sweet with Her slaves. When in the mood. I know I'm forgetting many things I wanted to say about Her... but the best is to go directly to Her realm.
As Women, our lives should be rich, rewarding and pleasurable experiences. We should have the power to attune to the world's higher things, leaving harmful, repetitive toil and menial concerns to the subhuman male of the species. Freed from monotony and tedium by our slaves, we ascend to a higher plane of existence and purpose, shaping the world the way we envision, and parting from it in the end with the soul of a complete human life that was lavish, comfortable and well lived. One cannot deny the ultimate good in this—not only for us as Women, but the world, too. Saharah Eve.
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