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Saharah Eve's innate Feminine superiority blossoms in everything She does, says or touches.She embodies the grace of the superior, natural born Dominant Woman. With the unaffected arrogance of one who owns the world and knows that men are destined to bow and submit to her, Saharah Eve states her Feminine Supremacy with sharp, clear cut intelligence. This Alpha Woman's stunning beauty, her brightness, her overwhelming, all powerful femininity are everywhere to be seen and admired in her site,making it a unique haven of Female Supremacy.
Not only does Love&Boots have the best banner I've ever seen on the net. The whole site is just as exceptional, from the design to the content. Great photos, beautiful legs, original angles... and those lovely boots! it's got everything really
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The very best contemporary illustrator of female domination. Always renewing his style and surprising us, but with constant and unequalled talent. I invariably look at his drawings with a mixture of awe, (of envy, too, grrr), and surprise at ‘how does he manage to do that?’
The Femdom Art of Sardax
The Art of Sardax
And now, at last, ‘the’ Sardax’ book.
Even though there are usually no links to blogs here, these two are so exceptional that they deserve a very special mention:
He Stoops to Worship: By far the most interesting, mind-opening and enriching blog I have ever seen. Very beautiful iconography, a trove of discoveries and re-discoveries on art and Femdom art.
The Eternal Feminine: Just as fascinating, with black & white photography, an "eclectic mix of the understated femdom" dedicated by the author to his divine Mistress Eva Luna
A blog aiming at the speleology of the Femdom with objectivity, psychology and with the help of aetiology, semiotics and irony… quite an ambitious program.
Femdom artfully portrayed, as it should always be. High class photography where everything contributes to serve the beauty of dominant women, to herald their arrogance, to create a shrine for their haughtiness and elegance.
FemdomFoto Top100 Toplinks for Female Domination
A refreshing break from the conventional femdom sites. Young Femdom retains this spontaneous, simple look to it. Some stunning young ladies who have fun dominating their slaves, casually, with that natural air of cruelty. And it makes it so enjoyable.
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