NEW: PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Household folder

Her Privilege

"This is my youngest sister Rosine and her husbands" Livia explained to her friend.
"She always comes to pay a visit to them in their squalid dungeon when she is not abroad.
Checking on her chattel. Naturally they are always so thrilled to see their mistress"


Many layers down under Vulka's Palace-factory, discover the underground
factories where her silent, subdued slaves are toiling endlessly in oppressive
conditions, without ever any respite or any hope of escaping their condition.
An Amazon is absentmindedly overseeing the slaves. It only takes a few
wardresses to watch hundreds of them. Not only is there absolutely no hope
of escape or rebellion for a slave on the planet, but the degree of
obedience and devotion of the males is such
that oversight is hardly necessary.

“After half an hour of walk through the tunnels, the captives were brought to an arched hallway
opening on a large square of the city. At the other end of the square stood the high outer walls of
Vulka's palace-prison, with an impressive gate with portcullis.”
THE SHOT - The Full Picture

Welcome into the dark gloomy vaults under Vulka's palace-factory on Imperia-Laboria.
Watch the ominous fate awaiting the slaves newly acquired by the ruthless pirate slave huntress,
as they are being injected with the terrible life drug with which the cruel Amazons can control the life of their slaves and expand it at will, thus ensuring centuries of relentless toil for
their own benefit. So cruel really… but then, that's life for males
under the yoke of the space Amazons.
THE SHOT - preview

Meet Czarika, The Goddess With The Whip Of Justice In Hand.
No, Czarita is not a goddess, but… you know, she might not be completely averse
to the idea of being seen as incarnating a Goddess. Precisely a Goddess with a mission.

With Czarika a whole new set of adventures of the Zlita saga will start.
New chapter to be uploaded soon. But you can already see her picture.
She's a very nice, vivacious young woman, maybe a bit... not quite
temperamental no, but she has very set ideas, and she's not
very patient maybe. Especially with males...
(poor things).

Ready to go out on a date, the Mistress is distributing her orders
to her slaves. As always when she is leaving for the evening, she makes
it a point to burden the poor creatures with so many tasks...

But then, it's not because the Mistress is having a
pleasant time that her slaves should rest,
on the contrary...

After the space limo had vanished beyond the mountains, the mistresses
were leaving the courtyard in small groups, ascending to the upper levels of the
temple while the pack of slaves who had served as a human carpet for the queen were herded
away, cringing and crawling under the cracking whips of the amazons, to disappear
into the gaping mouth of the low passage that led to the slave quarters.

PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder


Third and last detail of the full picture that will be uploaded in a couple of days.
The picture is finished so it will be uploaded very soon,
along with a new text update, chapter XX

TEXT UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder


Remember Vulka, the ruthless and Oh-so-cruel space pirate?
Last we saw her was in chapter XIII when she had just landed on planet Earth,
still on the trail of her nemesis Zlita. Now let's join her aboard her spaceship as she
is heading for her next destination, Imperia-Laboria, the abominable planet
whose name is enough to send shivers down the spine of any men of
the Galaxy - and there are a lot of abominable things in the Galaxy
that could terrify any men, if only Earthlings knew...

Chapter XX can be found in the Zlita folder,
under the picture Palace-Prison:


PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Prisons & Cachots folder:


Yes, for once a picture unrelated to the Zlita saga.
Ah! so exhilarating to be back in the dark damp cold gloomy atmosphere
of the good old traditional medieval dungeon...

ZLITA SAGA PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:


Another detail of the next picture to be uploaded soon,
a view of the temple courtyard.

ZLITA SAGA TEXT UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:


"If the Queen had expected a discreet departure while most of the temple was still asleep, she was in for a surprise.
As she stepped down onto the temple main courtyard, the place was ablaze
with light and packed with amazons and slaves."


A detail of the next picture to be uploaded in a few days,
a view of the temple courtyard.


Third and fianl update, the full picture of "Zlita Sailing for New Adventures"

Standing proudly at the helm of her spaceship, Zlita is staring at the horizon,
which in space comes to looking at the abysmal void of the Galaxy. She has that typical glint of cold determination in her eyes,
that hawkish look that impresses so much her officers, and terrifies her slaves. Why the precipitous departure?
What could have happened? Where is she heading? Is it the infernal Vulca again maybe?
Not one of her officers would dare question her, but all her crew is murmuring…
She didn't even take the time to change !

ZLITA SAGA PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:


Second part of the "Zlita Sailing for New Adventures" triptych,
depicting the bold slave-huntress' spaceship bridge, here we see Islnah'ala'hanah*, the first mate, giving instructions to a slave.
(*) don't bother to try to pronounce it, everybody calls her Isa anyway. Sleeekean names are really impossible.

ZLITA SAGA PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:

The Zlita Saga takes on a new turn. Zlita unexpectedly cuts short her visit on planet Eve and sails with
her small fleet of 3 attack ships, on to new adventures. Why? who knows, but obviously something happened,
and the intrepid young slave-huntress' cold determination can only mean one thing: she is on a mission…


Join Saharah, stanrace of the temple, to admire the second sunrise of planet Eve,
(well yes, this is sci-fi you know, on the other side of the Galaxy, things are not exactly the same as on our old Goddess forsaken lil' planet)

ZLITA SAGA TEXT UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:

The Text of Chapter XVIII:


'Isn't it amusing the adoration they display for their tormentors?
They are so grateful, so happy to be enslaved. That's how I like males. Right, enough now,'
she pushed him negligently with her foot, 'take that away, I've seen enough of him.
Brand him and whip him again, to pay for the immense honour of having become
my property' she ordered, handing the leash back to one of the guards.

NEW: ZLITA SAGA PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:


At last, get the full view of the Palace-Prison on planet Imperia-Laboria,
the infernal planet
that is always greedy for more slave labour, engulfing endless legions of males,
and never ever releasing any from its cruel and oppressive clutches.

ZLITA SAGA TEXT UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:

The Text of Chapter XVIII:


ZLITA SAGA PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:

- Part 2 -

Part 2 of the preview of the monstruous industrial planet Imperia-Laboria.
A new picture showing a fresh cargo of slaves being funnelled towards the ominous underground
maze of vaults were they will spend the rest of their miserable existence,
labouring relentlessly for the prosperity of their Mistresses.
Ha! Good for them!

ZLITA SAGA TEXT UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:

The Niche - First Night In The Slaves Quarters


ZLITA SAGA PICTURE UPDATE: uploaded in the Zlita folder:


The Zlita Saga returns.
First, a preview of the next instalment depicting planet Imperia-Laboria.
The picture uploaded today is only a portion of the large picture that is
in the last stages of its completion, but it is in itself a normal size picture,
showing a typical Palace-Prison of the magnificent and ominous planet.
Imperia-Laboria is the formidable powerhouse of the Sleeekean Empire,
it is an opulent, extraordinarily active world generating fabulous
wealth and offering wonderful opportunities for ambitious young
Amazons. Is is also a gigantic slave-camp where billions
and billions of servile males are gratefully toiling without
respite, in the most abject conditions, subjected to the
harshest discipline, for the sole pleasure of
their ruthless Mistresses.

ZLITA SAGA NEWS: Uploaded in the Zlita folder,


Join Queen Saharah relaxing on a terrace of the temple overlooking the wild forest of Planet Eve.

Welcome to Slavery - Hot Iron Branding

ZLITA SAGA NEWS: Uploaded in the Zlita folder,


A new picture illustrating Queen Saharah's reverie, and Her intimate reflections
on the ultimate triumph of Female Supremacy.
Aren't we privileged to be permitted to accompany the impetuous young monarch as She is riding Her centaur
on the way back from the ceremony of the Tribute, and to partake in Her solitary

A monument of Female Domination art
has just come out. Maybe you had heard rumours about it being in the making, but today it's a reality:
A masterpiece that required all the talent and imagination of the incomparable artist, and took him years to complete.
Not content with illustrating beautifully this great text, Sardax has entirely re-translated into English
the original German text of Sacher-Masoch.

Saharah Striding On Her Red Carpet of Slaves
The magnificent Saharah, leaving the temple early at dawn, finds a red carpet of slaves that has been laid
in Her honour in the courtyard. Nonchalantly, indifferent to the pain inflicted by Her sharp high heels,
the haughty suzerain strides upon the carpet of servile flesh, smiling gracefully to the cheers and salutes
of the priestesses and amazons.
The Niche
the latest illustration of chapter 17 of the Zlita Saga is uploaded in the Zlita folder.
The texts of chapters 15, 16 and 17 will be uploaded soon.
Welcome To Slavery - Hot Iron Branding,
the latest illustration of chapter 16 of the Zlita Saga has been uploaded in the Zlita folder.
The text will be uploaded shortly, along with the (long overdue) text of chapter 15.

The text of chapter 14, Cattle, has been uploaded,
in the Zlita folder, accompanying the illustration with the same name, not so surprisingly... ;)

The text of chapter 12, The Day of The Tribute, has been uploaded.
It is to be found in the Zlita folder, on the same page as the illustration Tribute.
I know it's a bit strange that it was uploaded long after the chapter 13 but in fact,
even though they are related, the chronology is not important in this case. :)

Saharah The Huntress in Zlita's folder
After a long absence, the Zlita Saga is resuming,
first with a portrait of Saharah, The Huntress, in the forests of Planet Eve.

I apologise for the interruption,
there are now 2 chapters being completed and ready to be uploaded in the coming weeks.
A big thank you to all the members for your patience, and support. :-)
Cattle in Zlita's folder
And it's back to planet Eve...
An appropriate picture to celebrate the coming new year, I hope.
This is the illustration of chapter 14 of the Zlita story,

although the text will be uploaded a few days after
the beginning of 2012, as well as
the text of chapter 12.
Meanwhile, that will give a fair indication of the fate awaiting
those lads we saw in the Tribute picture, (as if there could be much doubt about that.)
Lucky boys, a bright new future is opening to them,
thanks to those lovely Amazons.

Season's Greetings To All :-)
Meanwhile in Zlita's folder
Let's join Vulka in her pursuit of Zlita. Last time we told you that she was probably getting close to planet Earth.
So let's find out if she is lucky in her chase after her arch enemy. Oh well, as we all know, she has
no chance of finding the sweet slave huntress anywhere near that obscure infamous tiny planet.
But she might be following close on our blond heroine's heels though.
The suspense is simply unbearable.

Day of The Tribute in Zlita's folder
Saharah Eve returns. No, not here, on our small blue planet, but in Her own world, on Planet Eve, on the other side of the Galaxy, not far from Planet Sleeek actually. Yes, Saharah is the Queen of that world, the undisputed, revered and feared despot of Her own planet. A world still half primitive and savage, where She is building a magnificent Queendom, a haven of Feminine harmony where Women can enjoy a life of leisure and opulence, served by a myriad of docile slaves.

We meet Her as She is taking Her friend Zlita on an interesting excursion deep into the wild jungles of the planet, to witness a charming local tradition, the Day of the Tribute. Oh and yes, I had forgotten to tell you that Zlita is here, having just arrived for an impromptu visit. And to think that her mother is worried sick about her, not having had news of her for weeks! And Vulka still looking for her, probably getting somewhere in the vicinity of planet Earth by now… poor Vulka. But we'll come to that later. For the moment, let us enjoy a pleasant day in such illustrious company, with
Queen Saharah and slave huntress Zlita.

Dawn Of A New Life
This is the preface to the second part of the Zlita story.
Another planet, another world where space Amazons are confronted
to barbary and obscurantism.
The next chapter of this story, where we will be happy to reconvene with dear old acquaintances,
is getting ready. It will be uploaded before the end of the month.
In the meantime why not get a look at the setting?
The Farm Girl,
the latest picture from the Zlita saga is up at last,
along with the text of chapter ten.
The weekend with Zarabella in her country estate is coming to an end,
and with it our visit into the peaceful and charming Sleeekean country side.

But, another chapter of Zlita's story is about to unfold...
- A Pleasant Scene From Country Life: With Zarabella on the way back from her mine,
let's stop for a while to enjoy a lovely pastoral scene from Planet Sleeek,
"Country Life", in the Zlita folder.

- September 30th 2010: Let's follow haughty Zarabella
while she is inspecting her domain. Today, she's allowing us
to discover one of the pride of her dynasty,
her opencast mine of orichalc.

Isn't life beautiful on Planet Sleeek...?

- August 3rd 2010: The Zlita Saga is back!

Would you care to join Zlita's mother, Zarabella,

for a casual weekend in her domain
under the dim light of Planet Sleeek?

- July 15th 2010: Two reposts in the Nightriders folder:

Goddess Nike
Nyx, Goddess of the Night

This is to wait a few more days for the next picture,
announcing the return of the awesome Space Saga: Zlita, Slave Huntress from Outer-Space

- May 17th 2010: Text accompanying the picture "Reward & Punishment"
uploaded in the folder "Saharah Eve", along with another illustration of Saharah Eve in the Galley deck.
- April 30th 2010: At last: Spit, in the Prisons et cachots folder.
And it's back to the dungeons, (very sorry for the long delay)
And another update is coming within a week.
- February 28th 2010: Reward & Punishment
The ravishing Saharah Eve parading on the catwalk...
of Her own galley ship.

- February 5th 2010: Two reposts to wait for the next update, which should be ready in a few days.
"Lady and slave", and "Oubliettes", in the folder Classics.

- December 17th 2009: The Sunny Side of Life - Symbiosis,
Welcome to the winter quarters for slaves in Saharah Eve's villa.
Witness a moment of pure bliss offered to Her slaves
by the magnificent and generous Mistress.

- November 5th 2009: Saharah's Enlightened Despotism,
Get a glimpse of Saharah Eve's personal doctrine of Despotism,
witness how the imperious young Lady is welcoming the newly enslaved
males She destines to serve in Her realm. No word is needed in this
encounter, a glimpse at their new owner is enough to inform the
captives of the use She has for them, and to implacably
deprive them of any hope.

- September 30th 2009: Saharah Eve, A Stroll In The Park,
Saharah is sweet enough to show us another one of Her favourite spots
in the park of Her villa. On a terrasse overlooking the lake.
And the way She is leading, who wouldn't be happy to follow Her?
- September 17th 2009: Saharah Eve, Here She Comes Now,
first in a series of pictures dedicated to the ravishing and Oh so uniquely dominant Saharah Eve.
This is a break from the Zlita Saga, which will come back in due time,
but it is nice to spend some time on good old planet Earth.
(for the moment Zlita and Vulka are zooming through the Galaxy, space travels take time.)
The summer vacation is not over for everybody, for some people vacations just do not exist.
For beautiful and refined slave owner Saharah, the notion of vacation is rather amusing:
She never works, and Her slaves never stop working for Her, She wouldn't tolerate it. It's so simple really.
We are privileged, She is kind enough to take us with Her for a few steps in the delicious park of Her Italian Villa.
More exactly, She wants to show us a remote spot where she likes to pay an impromptu visit, now and then.
She is sure to be always enthusiastically welcome there.
- August 29th 2009: Saharah Eve,
A new page added to the site, in the Free Area.
This page is dedicated to celebrate the ravishing beauty and
enlightening dominance of Saharah Eve, Alpha Woman Incarnate.
It also announces a first illustration dedicated to Her to be
uploaded in the coming days in the Member Area.
The first in a long series :)

- August 4th 2009: "Beast of Burden Aboard Zlita's Spaceship",
part four of the Happy Life of slaves. This concludes the four chapters dedicated
to the life
  of slaves aboard Sleeekean spaceships.
But the Zlita saga will continue...

- July 14th 2009: "Zlita Inspects Her Slaves", part three of the Happy Life of slaves.
This one took ages to upload, and I apologise for this. What happened is that the 3rd chapter
of the Happy Life was well advanced, when I had this idea for an additional chapter to fit in before.
A chapter that wasn't planned. So that the Happy Life of slaves will eventually be
4 chapters instead of 3. Hence the delay. The good news is that the
next chapter, the one that was originally planned as the 3rd
but that will now be the 4th and last
(of the Happy Life, not of Zlita's saga),
will be updated within 10 days.
- May 29th 2009: "Tamer", part two of the Happy Life of slaves, in the Zlita saga.
Yes, this was supposed to come the 26th... instead it's the 29th. But then, you have to
consider the difficulties involved in reporting on the daily life of slaves
aboard a Sleeekean spaceship.
- May 16th 2009: "Crushed, The Happy Life, part 1"
This is the first in 3 chapters depicting the life of those usually ignored in Space Amazon Empires: the slaves.

I have been working on the 3 chapters simultaneously so it took a bit longer to come up,
I apologise for the delay. The second part will be updated the 26th, and the 3rd soon after that.
- March 31st 2009: "Vulka, at the helm of her spaceship", in Zlita's gallery.
Vulka has embarked on a trip across the Galaxy, the occasion to glimpse
inside the ultra-modern spaceship of the cruel space pirate.
- February 14th 2009: "Vulka, Space Pirate (from Outer Space), in Zlita's gallery.
Here at last the continuation of Zlita's adventures:
Enters Vulka, Zlita's eternal enemy.
- December 23rd 2008: "Seasons Greetings", in the Galleys gallery ;)
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
- December 8th 2008: "Zlita, Slave Huntress from Outer Space", the beginning of a
new interplanetary saga! in the folder: Slave Huntress Zlita.
Zlita is a nice, sweet healthy girl, who is only trying to make a living
roaming the galaxy and extending her slave trade.
- November 1st 2008: "Sale", in the Household gallery.
A variation on the Slave Market theme that I've had in mind
for quite some time.
- September 22nd 2008: "Sous le joug", in the Household gallery.
A good mistress knows how to keep her slaves close to the ground.
- August 14th 2008: "Lick slave, and hurry!", in the Household gallery.
Once again, one of those little domestic scenes.
- July 29th 2008: "Dressed & Ready", in the Household gallery.

- July 13th 2008: "Cachot", in the Oldies gallery.

- July 3rd 2008: "Two Visiting Dominas In The Prison Courtyard."
This is an old pen and ink drawing that I have coloured only recently.
It is a prelude to a new version which will soon be finished.
This is why it's in the Prison et cachots folder instead of the Oldies.

- June 7th 2008: The latest news: this is becoming a NEW WEB SITE. *drums rolling*

You can bookmark the NEW URL:

In a few days, the new Member Area will be situated at this new URL.
Consequently, the old member site at
will stop taking new subscriptions from Monday 9th, although it will still be opened for members and updated until July.
The new Member Area will open here,in this site, and operate simultaneously.

A bit confusing? yes. I know. I'll try to recap:
- Old member area, which was situated at:
will close down
- New site will
include the new member area,
all at the same URL:


- May 27th 08: Feminine Domination Enlightening the World.
A project for a kind of "lifting" of that venerable old Lady.
In folder Household - (I have absolutely no idea why I put it there,
In fact I didn't know where she could fit in? I wasn't going to put it in "Galleys" either eh?)
Anyway, this should be the first in a small series of projects
for the re-looking of that sweet dame.

- May 21st 08: Nyx Goddess of the Night - the latest version, not so many changes, but still...
in Madam Raison D'être folder.

- May 11th 08: New guest gallery: Liza Fetish, the beautiful Idol of glove lovers,
owner of Glove Mansion

- April 26th 08: Nyx Goddess The Night,
added to the folder Madam Raison D'être.

- April 20th 08: Two new images: "Kiss The Whip" in the folder Oldies,
and "His Mistress Voice", in Household.

- March 21st 08: There She is at last. The Goddess of Victory Madam Raison D'être.
In Madam Raison D'être's folder.

- March 15th 08: "Study for Madam Raison D'être as the Goddess of Victory"
The picture should be completed in the near future now.
It is the first time I'm showing a study of a work in progress. But from the start,
everything has been very exceptional for me in this work, due to the wonderful
personality of the magnificent Madam Raison D'être.

- March 1st 08: "Odalisk" in Oldies.

- Feb. 29th 2008: "Galley Harbour", it's in Oldies, and really old. From my teens.
The harbour of the ruthless slaver-ladies, or amazons,
or whatever, roaming the high seas for adventure, trade and piracy.
There are two large pictures in preparation simultaneously,
so this is as apéritif.

- Jan. 29th 2008: "Dusk". I've had this picture in mind for a long time.
Dusk has always been a special moment of the day to me, and I always thought
that its greyish blue light was exceptionally moving and inspiring. And exciting.
As the fading light and invading shadows of the nascent night seem so full of promises.
Anyway, it's in the "Nightriders" folder, of course. Where else?

- Jan. 29th 2008: A new feature in the member part of the site, a special guest gallery of the ravishing Goddess Alexia
I've always loved Goddess Alexia, ever since I discovered her in the excellent site Woman Worship.
It's in the folder "Guest Galleries".
And of course, Goddess Alexia's sites, where she can be seen, admired, and adored:

- Dec. 24th: Seasons Greetings to all, Wishing you all a bright New Year.
Picture "New Year Greetings" (that's original, I know), posted in the Nightriders folder.

- Nov. 24th: I have always been fascinated by Pulp Magazine covers of the middle of last century.
And here is what it led me to do...
Picture "The Leash!" uploaded to the Prisons et cachots gallery.

-Oct 23rd: Picture "Razzia". A razzia is a looting, pillage expedition. And this just what this picture is about:
The immediate aftermath of the razzia. When the Amazon victors are enjoying their easy victory,
while their prisoners are embarking on the galley...
Added to the Galleys gallery.

-Sept 13th: "Tendres retrouvailles", re-uniting at the end of the summer. Added to the Household folder.

-August 8th 07: Two oldies, "Old Galley", in the Galley deck,
and "The Castle Courtyard" in the Oldies Folder.

-July 26th 07: And it's back to the Galleys. Picture "The Shift" added to the Galley deck.
And more little ducks. Looting ducks. Picture "Pics Collectors" in the Ducks and Other Silly Animals gallery.

-July 14th 07: Picture "Twilight" added to the Prisons et cachots gallery,
and picture "Domme-worm" added to the "Ducks and other silly animals" gallery.

-June 21th 07: Picture "Detrousering, the latest game..." added to the "Ducks and Other Silly Animals" gallery.
This is a new folder, for a different type of illustrations. Not the usual femdom pictures.
I like to do this sort of mildly satirical drawings occasionally, on the all too savoury subject of bdsm.

-June 19th 07: Picture "Shaft" added to the Prisons et cachots folder.

-June 7th 07: Picture "Caprice" added to the Prisons et cachots gallery.

-May 23rd 07: Picture "Rowboat" added to the Galleys gallery. Well, this is not a galley per say,
but the essential is there, and for those ladies who have a lake in their garden, it's a very decorative thing to have floating on it.
Of course, you can have swans or ducks too...

Also an old picture, "La Chatelaine & Her Loot", added to the Oldies gallery.

-May 12th 07: Another glimpse into the life of those miserable galley slaves who never see the light of day.
The Mistress of the vessel is inspecting the below deck,
checking on the fitness and zeal of her cattle.
Picture "Inspecting the Galley Deck", in the galleys gallery, of course.

-April 30th 07: Picture "Pulp Mistress" added to the Galleys gallery.

-April 20th 07: "Guest Artist: Sardax"
a new folder, and a very special update, with two wonderful pictures by the very best femdom artist.
The site to see femdom art in the making:

-April 16th 07: "Uppish Lady", added to the Prisons et cachots gallery.
First I saw this pose was by Montorgueil, "Les esclaves-chiens des deux belles allemandes".
I think it's become a classic, and many others have done it, including a lovely one by Sardax.
Of course I wanted to have a try at it... ;)

-April 13th 07: Bianca, the fearless spy-adventuress-and-so-on (fearless and a trifle moody too), is back! Yessss..
In the third page of her fearless adventures, in the folder 'Bianca, The Adventures...' why, naturally.

-March 29th 07: "Weekend in the countryside", uploaded to the Household gallery.

-March 16th 07: "Liza", uploaded to the Prisons & cachots folder. This is a portrait of Liza,
the extremely beautiful and lovely Fetish Liza of Glove Mansion. A link to her site can be found in the links section.

-March 7th 07: "Bianca, The Adventures...", and now the second page (also named page 2!) is uploaded
in the folder -the new folder- "Bianca, The Adventures..." Which only seems appropriate, after all.

-Feb 24th 07: "Bianca, The Adventures...", the first page (named page 2!) of the Adventures of Bianca,
the fearless spy, adventuress and Oh so ruthless femdom, is uploaded in the Household folder.

-Feb 16th 07: Picture 'Oh there you are... have you cleaned my boots already' added to the Household library.
It is the Adventuress again,
this time in her music room. At home. Cosy.

-Feb 14th 07: Do you remember Bianca? the ruthless Bianca, "fearless spy and adventuress, who stopped at nothing especially enslaving males on her path;)" and so on and so on (it was quite an original start for a femdom story!)... here she is again, in her cosy boudoir, discussing on the phone while letting a few of her slaves take care of her toilette... and this was actually the opening image of the story. In fact 4 pages of that story were finished, maybe I'm going to post them here, and then go on with the story, by instalments? Mmmmh? just let me know... There IS a forum you know. Yes yes yes, look up, on the menu...
Picture 'Bianca' added to the Household gallery

-Feb 06th 07: Picture 'Carceri' added to the Prisons et cachots gallery.
The name Carceri,
is a reference, and homage, to the Carceri d'invenzione by Piranesi.

-Jan 26th 07: Picture 'Ritual' added to the Prisons et cachots gallery. A trifle cutting that one maybe...

-Jan 18th 07: Picture 'Galley Mistress' added to the Galleys gallery.

-Jan 10th 07: Picture 'Going Out' added to the Household gallery.

-Jan 5th 2007: Picture 'Nail Varnish' added to the Household gallery. Let's start the new year in style ;)

-Dec 29th 06: Picture 'Swimming Pool', added to the Household gallery. And this will be the last update. 'Till next year.
Happy new year 2007 :)

-Dec 25th 06: That last image seemed to have a few problems. Lines were a bit blurred. So I have replaced it with a new, re-sized version. Image 'Galley Deck', in the Galleys gallery.

-Dec 22nd 06: Picture 'Galley Deck' added to the Galleys gallery.

-Dec 15th 06: Picture 'Fivesome' added to the Ayesha gallery. Preparation to a branding.

-Dec 8th 06: Picture 'Ayesha 7' added to the Ayesha gallery.

-Dec 6th 06: Picture 'Fetish (high heel voracious)' added to the Household gallery.

-Dec 2nd 06: That's it - The Forum is open at last.

-Dec 1st 06: Picture 'Bianca' added to Household gallery. In fact, this picture does not really belong to the Household gallery, or any other galleries in the site as it is. It comes from a comic book I had started, only to abandon it soon after (*sigh*) This was to be the adventures of the very cruel Comtessa Bianca, fearless spy and adventuress, who stopped at nothing -especially enslaving males on her path;)- and used her natural talents for female dominance to reach her goals. Who knows, maybe the adventures of the Comtessa will go on some day? Mmmh yes, I miss her somehow... Maybe you would like to see more of her too?

-Nov 29th 06: Picture 'Shopping spree' added to Household gallery.

-Nov 22nd 06: Picture 'The Kiss' added to the Nightriders gallery. And a short text with it. Well, short... A long short text.

-Nov 17th 06: Picture 'Her jails' added to Oldies gallery. This is an old watercolour.

-Nov 15th 06: Picture 'Lady Ann' added to Prisons et cachots gallery. Lady Ann is 'The' Leather Fetish Lady.

-Nov 10th 06: Picture 'Macha' added to Household gallery. This beautiful young woman pays a lot of attention to her boots, and demands the same from her slave. Quite understandably.

-Nov 8th 06: Picture 'Shangri La' added to Ayesha gallery.

-Nov 3rd 06: Picture 'Ayesha in her Labyrinth' added to Ayesha gallery. No comment...

-Oct 31st 06: Picture 'Leche-vitrine' added to Household gallery. I've tried to think of any possible connection with Halloween, but found none... eh eh

-Oct 27th 06: Picture 'Ayesha 16' added to Prisons et cachots gellery. This is actually a remake of a picture made long ago, nan_cachot3, displayed on the member site in the folder Oldies.

-Oct 23rd 06: Picture 'My Life', added to Household gallery. I'm not going to comment on that one ;)

-Oct 22nd 06: This free site is new. And that's the newest thing about it!

-Oct 20th 06: And it's back to the galleys again. With a few glamourous amazons bringing back the loot to their galley after a pleasant afternoon of shopping. Males who will be engulfed forever inside the hull of the awesome ship. Those still look a trifle overweight, but that will melt within just a few days at sea, with the healthy exercise. Then they'll look just as skinny as the sweet amazons like to have their slaves. They won't lose that pale greyish complexion they have acquired in the gloomy dungeons since their capture, though. Most likely, they will never see the light of sun again. Why should they, now that their owners have shown them their right place in life? Picture 'Shopping' added to Galleys gallery.

-Oct 16th 06: Picture 'Irongate' is added to Prisons et cachots gallery. Along with a short text related to it. Nights are long and oppressive for the slave locked in his kennel like cell, obsessed with the vision of his mistress.

-Oct 13th 06: Picture 'Ay018' is added to Ayesha gallery. Well, the name doesn't say it all. This is how some women enjoy a relaxing, peaceful afternoon in the park, reading on a bench. Very casually dressed, with just the mininum accessories a lady takes with herself, a handbag, a whip, slaves...

-Oct 10th 06: Picture 'Home' is added to Ayesha gallery. The lady returns home. No comment necessary I should think? The joyful greetings of a slave seeing his mistress back after a long separation. Well just a few days sailing under the sun of the carribeans really, but to her slaves it always seems an eternity when she is away.

-Oct 6th 06: A new folder is created, 'Household', with picture 'Dinner' added to it. Table manners for the uppity slave owners.

-Oct 4th 06: Picture 'Grazlo' is added to Prisons et cachots gallery.

-Sept 30th 06: Picture 'Courtyard' is added to Oldies gallery Picture 'The Prayer' is added to Prisons et cachots gallery.

-Sept 26th 06: A new folder is created, 'Prisons et cachots'*, with picture 'Here She Comes Now' added to it. *Why a French name for that folder? well, because 'cachot' is really not very much translatable in English.

-Sept 22nd 06: Picture 'Suzerain' is added to Oldies gallery. A coloured sketch. Picture 'The Nightrider' is added to Nightriders gallery, along with a short text. Why was that very young man driven irresistibly to wander into that northern forest at night? Maybe it had something to do with the full moon? He will never find his way back though, not after such an encounter.

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